Comfort Recharging

Just like a human being a Stressless recliner is a fine tuned instrument. It loves movement. It strives for the optimal balance between softness and support. that’s why recharging in a Stressless recliner is different– it speaks the same language as your body.


The Stressless design is a unique selling point in a market where aesthetic normally plays a secondary role. The recognizable look is true to the Nordic design tradition and is based on well-thought-out combinations of natural materials and a durable product quality.

Patented Features

For more than 50 years, Stressless has developed comfort design and features based on insight into the human anatomy and people’s everyday lives. this has contributed to a large number of patents which have repeatedly set the agenda for the category.

Nordic Heritage

Stress origins and surroundings are the foundation for design and innovations. The brand is committed to sustainability and orderliness. This provides a legacy that Stressless symbolizes across borders and markets.


Stressless aims to become the world’s most sustainable furniture maker, and a leader in circular design. Thanks partly to the use of hydropower, that goal is within reach their greenhouse emissions are reduced year by year, and they currently have an 80 percent rate of waste recycling.

Quality and Comfort that Lasts

At Stressless they make quality products that will last you a lifetime. Their raw materials are selected with he utmost care and consideration to give the furniture endurance. Choosing a high-quality product extends its lifespan and lowers the environmental impact, making design just as important. With their focus on timeless pieces, they create Stressless icons to last.

The comfort formula

After taking a seat in a Stressless recliner, you may find yourself pondering: What makes it so much more comfortable? The main reason is the level of attention it pays to how your body works, from feet to neck, through patented comfort technologies like BalanceAdapt, Power, Plus-system and the Glide system.

Some of the secret also lies in the sheer quality of materials and craftsmanship applied in the making a Stressless recliner, which makes it a sustainable choice that will potentially last for generations. Add to that joy that stems from freedom of choice when you get to choose the design, size, color and texture of your ideal recliner, and you may have found your answer.

Where comfort comes from

You can tell at a glance: This is what comfort is all about. From the supple cushioning to the well-known profile of the case, back and armrests, a promise of relaxation. A line of classic Stressless models forms the bedrock on which their brand name is built. To achieve their goal of creating the most comfortable furniture in the world, they built and implemented some truly pioneering technologies, all of which you will find enthuse inviting and generous recliners. Comfort never goes out of style.

It’s Time to Take our Comfort Test

The ultimate sensation of comfort is individual and personal to everyone. Because we all have different needs, we encourage you to take our Stressless Comfort Test to find the size and model that fits you best. We guarantee this will be time well spent. After all, a Stressless recliner is an investment you’ll enjoy for many years to come. You can come into one of our stores and our wonderful sales experts will assist you in finding a chair that fits all of these ergonomic and comfort needs:

  • Can you adjust the headrest so that is lies flat when you recline?
  • Is your head supported comfortably as you lie down to read or watch TV?
  • Does the chair provide good lumbar support in all positions?
  • Do you have the feeling that the seat back reclines sufficiently?
  • Does the gliding movement smoothly adjust to your body weight?
  • Does the recliner feel stable and safe?
  • Do the chair and ottoman move with you as you shift positions?
  • Are the height and width of the chair right for you?
  • Are you aware of how your entire body relaxes?
  • Is the ottoman positioned in the right place to give you maximum leg support?

The Patented Plus-System

The Plus-system adjusts the lower back support simultaneously with the headrest. Upright or reclined, you’re always perfectly supported. The patented Stressless Plus-system automatically adjusts the headrest as you recline– supporting your neck while you read, watch TV and rest. Lower the hearest to the sleep position with one simple movement. Adjust the Stressless Glide wheels to the setting of your desire. You can automatically shift to any seating position simply by using your body weight.

Right Size Matters

We all come in different shapes and sizes and our tastes in interior design differ. That’s why most of the Stressless recliners are available in a variety of dimensions, from slightly taller and wider to smaller and slimmer. A large selection of bases with different designs and functionality allow you to personalize your recliner further.

Over 50 Years of Perfect Balance

The Stressless Signature and Cross bases feature the unique BalanceAdapt functionality. This gives a feeling of complete comfort that makes them stand out from other recliners. The innovative mechanism provides a gentle rocking motion, creating a feeling of weightlessness, and the ability to lie almost horizontally. These based options have a stylish and Scandinavian aesthetic that adda contemporary edge to the leather recliner range.

A Smarter Ottoman

A Stressless free-standing ottoman is the perfect partner for our chairs and sofas. Why? Well, this isn’t your traditional, static ottoman. All Stressless furniture is based on research into human anatomy, and we found that when yo clean back in a recliner chair, your legs move forwards and down. Most traditional, flat ottomans do not support this sitting position.

Lean back… for a new level of comfort

If you have ever owned a truly comfortable recliner, you know that it quickly becomes the most popular piece of furniture in the home. This is where you retreat after a long day at work, or spend that deservedly lazy morning. It is where you read, watch TV, chat and even put in some home office hours. With that in mind, it is good to know that a Stressless recliner adapts to your body and moves with you, taking care of your body’s need for natural motion. It’s the best, most stress free option for your comfort needs.

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