8 Dangers of Buying Back Care Products Online Custom Fitting Quite frankly you don’t get any fitting let alone a custom one. Sure you can see the measurements of the chair, but how accurate are they? Are they even the right measurements you need to tell you whether it fits or not? There’s no way […]

Can a Chair Really Change Your Life? Yes it can! Made correctly, a good chair can make you pain free! So why is it that so many chair manufacturers can’t make a chair that lasts and is comfortable? Sadly the answer is… wanting more money from you. How do they do that? By using outdated […]

Sitting is the New Smoking From a biological stand-point, the human body is not designed to sit upright. Gravity pulls on the spine, causing back issues. Sadly in today’s society many of us are required to sit at a desk all day for work. This is why those who work exclusively in an office will […]

Gravity Works In fact, it works a little too well sometimes Often the root of some back problems stems from gravity pulling on the spine while we are sitting. With sedentary lifestyles on the rise, a lot of people are asking “How do I fight gravity?” Simple, zero it out! NASA originally designed (and still […]

The Truth about Massage So what makes massage so great anyways? I’m glad you asked! Massage therapy centers around relieving muscles that are in a semi flexed state, i.e. they’re tight or have knots in them. Muscles are what pull at bone to cause movement right? Well chronically tight muscles can pull bones like the […]


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