In fact, it works a little too well sometimes

Often the root of some back problems stems from gravity pulling on the spine while we are sitting. With sedentary lifestyles on the rise, a lot of people are asking “How do I fight gravity?” Simple, zero it out! The concept of zero gravity in furniture was originally designed, and is still used today, by NASA to aid astronauts during takeoff and re-entry. If you sat normally during those events the G-Forces would be so strong they’d crush the spine and stop the heart from being able to pump blood. The solution was coined the Zero Gravity Position! To be considered TRUE zero gravity a recliner must be able to bring you to a specific position. For starters you will be almost lying on your back with your hips bent to around 90 degrees. This will also bring your knees above your heart, which uses gravity to assist the heart in bringing blood back to the core. If a chair does not put you in this position it CANNOT be called true zero gravity. In fact NASA still governs this term and position to this day.

Cool space tech, but what does that mean for me?

The magical question right? What zero gravity means for those of us with back pain is quite simply relief! By lying on our back we redistribute gravity across the entirety of our body, instead of just around the top of our head and shoulders. This relieves pressure and tension in the spine and is one of the few positions, the other being suspended in water, that allows our postural muscles to truly relax. With your legs above your heart your spine will also flatten it against the back rest; this takes away pressure points from the low back. You’ll also get the added benefit of aiding the heart in bringing blood back to the core.

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