Tempurpedic Adapt ProHi Pillow

Your Pillow Can Make or Break Your Sleep

A good pillow is proven to offer a better night’s sleep, which can lead to better productivity in the work place, school, and normal every day activities. When we don’t have a good pillow it can severely impact our sleep and even potentially cause sleep deprivation, causing memory loss and affecting our ability to plan and severely affecting our ability to plan and our sense of time. If your sleep has not been good, and your neck has been hurting, it’s very possible you may need a new pillow– and with that small new purchase you may shift your life in a drastic and beneficial way. It’s time to get your sleep back!

Here at The Ultimate Back Store our goal is to help you find the best solution for your back care and sleep needs. If you’ve been struggling with your pillow, then we would love to offer you some solutions that may just help. Here’s a list of some of our favorite pillows from Tempurpedic that have helped others, just like you, improve their sleep and get back into comfort.

Tempurpedic pillows are special in their design and help support the natural curve of your neck which in turn helps you fall asleep faster, sleep more relaxed, and with some of their pillows even sleep cooler.

“Sleeping on an unsupportive pillow is like walking in shoes with no soles or driving in a car with wheels out of alignments– it just doesn’t make sense.”

Top Pillows from Tempurpedic

  • Adapt ProLo, ProMid & ProHi
  • Cloud Adapt
  • Tempur-Breeze Neck +Advanced Cooling
  • Tempur-Breeze Pro +Advanced Cooling
  • Tempur-Down Adjustable Support Pillow

Here’s the Scoop

Pillows should be selected based on: how you sleep (on your back, side, stomach) and body size (small, medium, large). Another aspect many people tend to love when looking for a pillow is that the pillow doesn’t feel hot. Tempurpedic pillows keeps all of these things in mind with the design and functionality of their pillows.

They have different height pillows designed for every type of person, and feature washable cooling covers on all of their newer style pillows. Each cooling pillow Tempurpedic makes pulls heat away from the body with molecular weight yarns in the fabric. Similarly to granite countertops, the pillow’s washable covers feel colder even though they are the same temperature as the rest of the room and the cooling sensation never dulls or fades.

Ultimately, finding the right pillow can be difficult because different pillows have different functions– so here’s a break down of what makes each of these pillows great and who they’d work best for.

Adapt Pillows: ProLo, ProMid, ProHi

Adapt ProLo

The Adapt ProLo pillow is the softest pillow Tempurpedic makes, featuring a thin sleeve of TempurES material (which is the brand’s most popular Tempur formulation and one that creates and extra-soft pillow feel). The ProLo is designed for people with smaller frames or those who sleep on their stomachs.

Adapt ProMid

The Adapt ProMid looks similar to the Adapt ProLo but has some unique differences. It is a dual feel pillow that can be flipped based on preference. One side has a 4 cm sleeve of TempurES material for a firmer more conforming feel, and the flip side has a 1 cm sleeve of the TempurES material for a softer more traditional feel. This pillow is designed for people with a medium frame, or for those who primarily sleep on their backs.

Adapt ProHi

The Adapt ProHi has a bit of a more simple design than the Adapt ProLo or Adapt ProMid. It is just one solid piece of Temper-ES poured into a mold to create a soft, cushiony, but supportive pillow. The Adapt ProHi is ideal for people with larger frames or those who sleep on their sides as it is a higher profile pillow and does not compress as much as the Adapt ProLo and Adapt ProMid.

Cloud Adapt Cooling

The Cloud Adapt Cooling pillow is a unique, softer formulation of TempurMaterial that is ideal if you’re just getting introduced to Tempurpedic pillows. It is moldable and conforms to the head and neck, giving decent support to those who enjoy the feel of a softer pillow, but hate the feel of that “head sinking down to the mattress” feel that comes with typical soft pillows. The pillow is similar to the ProLo but is more conforming and moldable, with a slightly lower overall profile.

Temper-Breeze Neck +Advanced Cooling

The Temper-Breeze Neck pillow is uniquely designed on the inside with cutting-edge cooling gel that helps keep you cooler while you sleep. It is formed from a single piece of one-of-a-kind Tempur material, perfectly contoured to your head, neck, and shoulders. On the outside of the pillow it has a premium, cool-to-touch SmartClimate Cover made with breathable, high-stretch performance fabric that is removable and washable. The pillow has a firm feel to it and is a medium profile, and is primarily used for back sleeping, but can be comfortable for side sleeping for some people as well.

Tempur-Breeze ProLo +Advanced Cooling

The inside of the Temper-Breeze ProLo pillow is formed from a single piece of Tempur material, with a lower profile for back sleepers or smaller frames. It also features the premium, cool-to-touch, breathable, high-stretch performance SmartClimate cover. This pillow couples with pressure-relieving comfort and advanced dual cooling power to bring the utmost comfort to your sleeping experience.

Tempur-Breeze ProHi +Advanced Cooling

Very similar to the Temper-Breeze ProLo pillow, the ProHi is made from the same Tempur materials and has the same SmartClimate cover, but has a thicker piece of the Tempur material than the ProLo. This causes the pillow to be a higher profile, and is best for back sleepers or larger frames.

Temper-Down Adjustable Support

The Temper-Down Adjustable Support pillow offers customizable support for your head and neck in ways that other down pillows can’t. Not only is each side filled with soft down comfort, it also has a perfect balance with two adjustable Tempurpedic inserts that allow for customizing the height and firmness of the pillow. You get the soft cushion you love from your favorite down pillow, but the added support of exclusive Tempur material at the core that enhances overall support and feel. Additionally, the pillow features a removable, washable, down filled premium 500 thread count cotton cover. With the pillows versatility it is ideal for all sleep positions and will never lose its shape or flatten over time.

We hope you learned a lot, and now maybe are ready to find yourself the perfect pillow to enhance your sleep experience. If so, you can come visit us in the store so we can help get you fitted to your perfect pillow today. Would you love to learn more about how to help your back, and what products can assist? Then visit our YouTube and Instagram today and give us a follow, we are posting new content every week!