NASA has a secret that we found out and we want to let you in on it!

What is it that NASA knows that you don’t?

Most of us have heard the term Zero Gravity when it comes to outer space right? It’s the lifting of the force of gravity on matter that leaves the atmosphere during space travel- typically experienced by astronauts when they exit the atmosphere. But did you know there’s another basis behind the use of the term Zero Gravity? It isn’t just something to be experienced in outer space, it can be experienced in your own home!

How though you ask? Let me tell you…

Zero Gravity goes beyond the lack of force felt in space, it’s actually been implemented into an extremely comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.

The Zero Gravity Position is a position that was developed by NASA for astronauts that helps relieve stress on the body. It was designed to mimic the position they were in during launch so that the stress on the whole body was evenly distributed in order to handle all the additional force being put on their bodies at the time of taking off into space.

The zero-gravity position cradles your back and
elevates your legs above your heart and helps by:
• Relaxing and rejuvenating the spine by naturally
decompressing the vertebrae
• Elevating the legs above the heart, helping to
improve blood flow
• Helping expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing

Chairs and beds that implement this position into their design evenly  distribute stress across the body which can help reduce pain and pressure points, resulting in a better standard of rest. While sitting or standing all day the vertebrae in your spine are compressing, but when you lean back into Zero Gravity position the space in between the vertebrae is opened up and tension is able to be relieved. Because of this the pressure on the vertebral discs is lessened which results in better circulation leading to improved hydration and blood flow through the spine.

In addition to improved circulation, there will also be relief from things like edema and swelling. Sitting or laying in the Zero Gravity position is a key tool in relieving pain, pressure and swelling and is actually recommended by physicians as one of the healthiest ways to sit. To get the most out of your sleeping and sitting experience try to vouch for a great quality recliner and/or adjustable base for your bed so that you can benefit from these amazing zero gravity benefits!

Main Health Benefits of Zero Gravity

Decreased lower back pain

Reduced swelling

Relaxation of sore muscles

Improved heart health

Snoring relief (when used during sleep)

Alleviation of acid re-flux

Improved breathing

Additional Benefits of Zero Gravity: Perfect for reading, writing, watching television, or working on your computer

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