So what makes massage so great anyways?

I’m glad you asked! Massage therapy centers around relieving muscles that are in a semi flexed state, i.e. they’re tight or have knots in them. Muscles are what pull at bone to cause movement right? Well chronically tight muscles can pull bones like the spine out of alignment, causing pain. If left untreated, tight muscles can contribute to disc slipping, scoliosis and other major back issues.

Makes sense, but why would I need to buy a chair when I can go see a masseuse?

It’s true, a mechanical chair will never be able to replace human hands, but consider this. When booking a massage at a parlor you have to book well in advance to get the person you normally see. Otherwise the quality of massage you get is random at best. Also with most massage subscriptions you can only get one massage a month, anything more than that and you pay extra!! Not to mention traveling to the salon, dealing with traffic and hoping to find a parking spot! A chair on the other hand will give you instant access to a massage any time of day, any day of the week. All from the comfort of your own home, no scheduling required! There are also no limits to the amount of massages you can have! Although we do recommend spending not more than a few hours getting any type of massage so as to help prevent dehydration!

What should I look for when shopping for a massage chair?

Excellent question! Over the years I’ve noticed there are price categories that massage chairs fit under. Anything under $3000 is the lowest quality massage chair and not worth your time. There’s no personalization of the massage, no researched techniques and they break down quickly. You might as well have a friend hit you a few times in the back with a blunt object, it’s pretty much the same thing. A chair priced between $3000 and $5000 is your mid ranged chair. Some chairs will personalize the massage to you, some won’t. Most don’t have the best researched techniques, but they won’t beat you up too much either. They last longer than the cheaper models, but still tend to break down.

$5000 and up is your top tier massage chairs. These chairs will scan you entire spine and give you a personalized massage. Massage heads use techniques picked up from real massage therapists and are meant to soothe you, not beat you up. Most will also allow you to adjust the intensity of your massage. Any chair in this category will provide you with the best massage experience a chair can offer!

 Tip: Watch out for gimmicky add-ons designed to up the price of your chair! Things such as touch screens and built in speakers are nice, but don’t do anything for your actual massage, and can add another $500 to the price. Always remember, if it doesn’t help my chair massage me better, it doesn’t belong in my there! However if you’re set on speakers and touch screens there are much cheaper alternatives, like iHome speaker systems for example.

Good to know, but why did you choose Inada?

Inada is one of the originals, based in Japan, they began making massage chairs in the late 70s and haven’t stopped since! Often rated as one of the best massage chair companies in the world, Inada strives to give you the best massage experience money can buy! They work with massage therapists and even physical therapists to help mimic real massage and stretching techniques used by these professionals. You’ll also find that each chair does and in depth scan of your back, then matches you to one of over one hundred different pre-programmed body types, ensuring you’ll get the most personalized massage experience possible!