Definitely not right? Who doesn’t love sleeping in on the weekends! Consider this; you will spend over 1/3 of your life in bed. Sounds nice right? Well what if your bed hurts you? How nice does that sound then? This is why a good bed to sleep on is so important. As the saying in our industry goes; “Buy good shoes and a good bed. You’ll almost always be in one or the other.”

So why did we choose Tempur-Pedic?

Good sleep comes from keeping the body in an aligned, neutral position without causing a bunch of pressure points. Tempur-Pedic does just that. How? Well, Tempur material responds to your temperature, weight, and shape to precisely adapt to your body keeping you in alignment without pressure points for a truly rejuvenating sleep. What makes Tempur material different from memory foam? Tempur-Pedic invented memory foam that they refer to as Tempur material. All other companies are generic, they are typically softer, less durable and do not provide the same level of support. Unlike generic foam, Tempur material is proprietary which is designed, researched, and manufactured by Tempur-Pedic. Whatever position you choose, Tempur-Pedic will conform to your body providing the cushion and support you need to wake up refreshed and rested!

What about Air Mattresses?

Here’s a little secret air mattress companies don’t want you to know. If you open up an air mattress to look inside at the workings of the bed, you’ll find that all an air mattress is, is a camping mattress surrounded by foam. It makes you feel kind of duped to have paid thousands of dollars for something you can get at any sporting goods store doesn’t it? Ask Vince about his experience with an air mattress sometime, because that’s how he felt. One of the arguments for an air mattress suggests that it can infinitely conform to you because it’s air. This is actually false, you see air conforms to you all the time, it’s all around you, but air that is confined can only conform as far as its container will allow. Once you reach the limits of the container, any pressure still present returns back to you.

Yikes! OK, what about your traditional spring mattresses?

The most inexpensive of all mattresses, these are the worst of the worst mattresses to have! You’ll find nothing but pain and misery when owning a spring mattress. Springs have a natural tendency to return to their resting state, this resistance to pressure gets returned directly to you which causes an extreme amount of pain. Honestly, that alone if the biggest reason why spring mattresses just won’t work.

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TEMPUR-Adapt® Collection

The technology that started it all, redesigned for today. Superior cool-to-touch comfort. Two layers of premium TEMPUR® Technology. Working together to continually adapt and conform to your body’s changing needs throughout the night – relieving pressure, reducing motion transfer, relaxing you while you sleep, and rejuvenating you for your day.

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TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Collection

Continuous innovation for continuous comfort. Expertly engineered with the most advanced pressure-relieving material we’ve ever created to give you deep relaxing sleep that rejuvenates your whole body. This is the new TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ series featuring our new TEMPUR-APR™ material.

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TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt® Collection

The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt™ is the ultimate TEMPUR® experience. Maximum pressure-relieving power. Superior motion cancellation. One-of-a-kind cooling technology. All combined with our groundbreaking new material which intuitively adapts to your unique body in ultra-conforming comfort. Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. And experience total relaxation from the moment you lie down to the moment you rise.

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TEMPUR-Breeze® Mattresses

Cooler Comfort. From firm to soft, these mattresses respond to elevated body temperature in three different ways, reducing heat and humidity while you sleep.

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