From a biological stand-point, the human body is not designed to sit upright. Gravity pulls on the spine, causing back issues. Sadly in today’s society many of us are required to sit at a desk all day for work. This is why those who work exclusively in an office will need an ergonomic assessment at least once in their lives.

That doesn’t sound good! What kind of things should I look for in an office chair?

Adjustments, adjustments and more adjustments. The more you can change the chair to fit you individually the more comfortable you will be. You should be able to adjust the height, and angle of the back, depth, angle and height of the seat pan, as well as a lumbar adjustment and height adjustable arms! Memory foam in the seat and arms is also a nice perk to look for!

Wow that’s sounds pretty amazing! Sounds kind of expensive too though…why wouldn’t I just get a $100 office chair from some office supply store?

It’s tempting isn’t it, spend a small amount and you’re done. Consider this though, how many times have you had to replace said $100 chair? Me personally, before Lifeform I replaced my cheap chair once to twice a year! That adds up after a while! Not to mention the cheap office chair doesn’t have any of the ergonomic support that the Lifeform chairs do, so not only are you constantly replacing your chair, it’s hurting you in the process!! Don’t make the mistake of buying something cheap, after all you get what you pay for right?

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