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Adding an adjustable base to your sleep life will change how you see rest.

The Advantage of Adjustable Bases

Though many people don’t understand the benefits that using an adjustable base can bring to their sleep life, it is an amazing addition to your bed for alleviating pain caused by a variety of back issue. Fundamental features of adjustable bases include the ability to raise and lower both the head and feet to a variety of different positions. The ease of use comes with a wireless remote that has simple to understand buttons. There are a variety of height legs that can be adjusted ranging anywhere from having no legs with zero clearance to 3″, 6″, 9″, or 12″ legs.

The Tempurpedic adjustable bases are an essential part of a holistic sleep system, providing solutions for every customer. A power base also makes all the things you already do in bed more comfortable: reading, watching TV, and working on a tablet and/or computer. When you upgrade your normal flat foundation to a power adjustable base, you can choose from a virtually infinite number of ergonomic positions. These positions help relive tension in your spine and muscles. The adjustments offered also help with snoring by adjusting the bed into specific positions that may help alleviate snoring and ease the symptoms of sleep apnea. These bases also give you the capability to get more comfortable in bed by allowing you to adjust your head, feet, and legs to a more comfortable position.

There are three styles of Tempurpedic adjustable bases we sell at the Ultimate Back Store, each with their own special features: the Temper-Ease, Tempur-Ergo, and Tempur-Ergo Extend.

Tempur-Ease Base

The Temper-Ease Power Base includes all of the essential features you need in a power base, upgraded with custom comfort. It lifts the head and feet, has zero gravity capabilities and includes a wireless remote. Using this base is an essential part of a holistic sleep experience, providing the utmost comfort with the adjustments it offers.

Tempur-Ergo Base

The Tempur-Ergo Power Base offers an upgraded sleep experience from the Temper-Ease with it’s QuietMode, USB ports, 2-zone massage, and underbed lighting. It includes the versatility of the head and foot lifting adjustment as well as zero gravity capabilities, while having the additional assistance of QuietMode which tilts your mattress to an anti-snore position at the press of a button. Two USB ports are located conveniently on either side of the base for ease of charging any of your USB devices. The 2-Zone massage also offers added benefits to the base by allowing you to experience gentle vibrations in both the back and the legs to help stimulate circulation while lending to your relaxation. Overall, this base’s premium technologies make for a seamless and personalized sleep experience.

Tempur-Ergo Smart Base

All of the same premium features come with this base but with the upgraded addition of the Smart Base capabilities offered by Tempurpedic. With the Smart Base addition you also get the capability to track your sleep on an app which offers sleep monitoring and sleep coaching as well as the capability to use voice control to adjust your base with Sleeptracker AI. Additionally, there is an automatic snore response feature that detects when you are snoring and gently lifts the head of your mattress into the QuietMode anti snoring position. This base is a fully integrated sleep system that provides all-night insight and customized sleep coaching tips in an easy-to-use app.

Tempur-Ergo Extend Smart Base

This is the most elite smart base offering innovative technologies, including automatic snore detection and response through the use of the Sleeptracker AI. It sports all of the features of the Tempur-Ergo base with the added upgrade to a 4-zone massage, PerfectSeat positioning, and Pillow Tilt functionality. The PerfectSeat is exclusive Tempurpedic technology that optimizes the shape of your mattress so. you can relax in a more natural position. The Pillow Tilt capabiilities add additional benefits for your sleep experience by enhancing your head lift with a slight tilt at your neck to give better support when relaxing or sleeping. This base was engineered for peak performance with ultra-customized features and daily analytics.

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