If you’re looking for the best chair on the market that comes with numerous high-end features for your enjoyment, then this model is for you. The Human Touch SuperNovo Massage Chair, or simply referred to as the SuperNovo, is one of Human Touch’s best designs. Fashioned with the latest tech, from voice-controlled commands to a built-in sound system, the Super Novo may just be on your next Wishlist.

Advancements in technology have made human lives easier since numerous gadgets and equipment now help people do things faster and more efficiently. With the talks of incredible technological feats, one of the best pieces of equipment that came into popularity in recent years is massage chairs. Being highly demanded at the pandemic, massage chairs have made their way into a necessity rather than a demand nowadays.

With home offices and sitting down for an entire day being a daily routine, keeping your muscles and back active becomes tasking and risky. You can now relax in the safety of your own household while keeping your body active, which are reasons why massage chairs are in high demand. However, the common problem is finding the best massage chair that’s perfect for your needs, and it’s hard having tons to pick from.


SuperNovo takes comfort and convenience to a whole new level with its design with the latest technological features. It’s arguably one of the most high-tech massage chairs on the market that can grant you total relaxation, thus making it the perfect spa substitution. In addition, the numerous features installed in the chair are blended in the chair’s elegant and compact, making them seamlessly fit well.

Personal virtual therapist

The next step of improving the overall experience of enjoying a massage chair is a hands-free system that perfectly imitates the atmosphere of a spa. That reality is completely possible now, considering Super Novo is one of the leading massage chairs incorporating voice control in its system. The massage chair can pick up your speech and follow whatever commands you give to adjust your massage experience.

How it works is that SuperNovo is completely Alexa Voice Controlled-Enabled, giving you hands-free methods of adjusting your chair’s settings. All you need are Virtual Therapist Bridge, which you can request with your chair purchase, and an Amazon Alexa device to get things started up. Once it’s set up, commands from “Novo, give me a message” to changing the intensity are 100% in your control.

Going into 4D tech

Most massage chairs available online have advanced into the 3D rollers when it comes to their techniques and styles, and it’s become the new standard. The thing that differentiates Super Novo from them is that it doesn’t stop at 3D rollers only since it goes beyond 4D features. Due to the rollers’ design, Super Novo can flawlessly imitate the hands of a professional massage therapist with every knead and tap.

Super Novo is one of few massage chairs with customization in massage strokes, speed, depth, and variable speed, making it one-of-a-kind. The implications of this 4D technology mean you’re getting your investment’s worth in the long run since you practically have a masseuse at any given time. This feature goes well with the other ones Super Novo has, such as full body massage.


A good massage from a massage chair is one thing, but getting varied massage strokes while feeling like you’re on a day off is another. Super Novo takes pride in its health-improving massage techniques, from full-back massages to a knee massage, ensuring your body is at its best. In addition, you can enjoy having healthy joints while calmly relaxing to your favorite tunes since Super Novo supports Bluetooth capabilities too.

SL-track and full-body massage

One of Super Novo’s outstanding features is its SL-Track-supported massage, which has quickly turned into a favorite for many. The numerous health benefits one can get from a complete back massage are why many buyers start looking for this very feature. How an SL-track massage work is that it increases the coverage of the massage from the shoulders down to the spine.

Having a massage chair that can hit the vital parts of your back is highly useful, considering that the routine nowadays involves sitting down often. Numerous studies regarding the effects of a complete back massage and research suggest that a complete massage makes joints healthier. This is achieved since constant tension is removed from the highly compressed part of the spine and glutes.

Bluetooth support, zero-g, and heat therapy

The best massage chair can easily give you an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in a minute, and Super Novo is arguably one of those. With its conveniently integrated Bluetooth system, you can enjoy your favorite tunes as you get the full-body treatment your body and mind need. In addition, having a zero-g incline feature allows you to feel completely weightless as you’re getting massaged at a 110 to 160-degree incline.

It’s also worth noting that Super Novo is one of few massage chairs that actually supports dual lumbar heat technology in its design. The convenience of having two different heating regions in the massage chair greatly improves the soothing and rejuvenating factor of heat therapy. Overheating is prevented with two separate heating regions, and relieving muscle pain is quicker and more efficiently done.


From enjoying its relaxing features to benefiting greatly from the numerous health benefits you get from the massages, Super Novo is easily an investment worth taking. With how advanced the chair is, the price of $9,999 is without a doubt worth it, considering it would last you a long time.

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